interior design: to produce a coordinated and harmonious whole in which the architecture, function, and visual aspects of the interior are unified, pleasing to mind & body, and appropriate to the activities to be pursued there. Design criteria include harmony of colour, texture, lighting, scale, and proportion. Furnishings must be in proportion to the space they occupy and to the needs and lifestyles of the residents.

Good design has a profound effect on people, even though many don’t realize it! Do you feel more comfortable in a doctors office with sterile white walls and fluorescent lighting OR a coffee shop with cozy couches, a fireplace and welcoming smells of coffee? Of course the coffee shop!

I spent time working in a pediatric dental office, the office was painted red, blue, yellow, orange, green…… A good majority of the patients that are seen there are kids who were referred by other dental offices because they  refused to allow any dental treatment to be done on them, when they come to our office many of them were perfect angels! Their behavior was a combination of great people AND an interior that welcomes the kids the moment they walk in the door, they feel good there!

Good design is very tangible and obtainable. You may some day find yourself at the home of a friends, sitting on their beautiful new couch having a glass of wine in their newly renovated home. You may think that they spent a fortune on the space BUT that couch could have come from a second hand store and that glass of wine may be a $10 bottle from Trader Joes. It’s all about the right facade; atmosphere; how the designs work together. Price doesn’t matter.  Luxurious, wonderful interior designs can be had by anyone!

At the beginning,  I made my way through staging my first fixer uppers(on a super-tight budget) with refinished hand-me-down furniture and thrift store steals, most people (including the buyers) wouldn’t have guessed! Potential buyers gave rave reviews on the design and staging of the homes. Today, I use a lot of the same techniques. Refinished pieces carry so much character and can save much of your budget for other high priced pieces.

I run my business on two basic philosophies. Quality Workmanship and Impeccable Design. I focus on the quality of work first and the design second. Without a good, solid base to work off of you’re design is pointless. A good amount of a budget must go towards doing things correctly, not only the pretty things! Any well-appointed home across the world has wonderful design AND extremely high quality craftsmanship. With that philosophy I have succeeded in providing clients with true luxury and affordability in their real estate and design experiences.

Looking on and forward to the next project!