7 Ways To Get the Best of Your Home Sale


Great guest post today about the benefits of listing your home in any season! Thanks for contributing!

The homebuying “season” may be a few months away, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your property fast and at good price right now! With a little work and the right approach, you can boost the value of your home and turn it into a catch. You’re in the process of moving house to a new place and need to quickly sell your old home? Don’t worry! From pricing your home properly to making a good impression to potential homebuyers, these smart tips and tricks can help you seal the deal in record time, even during the off season.

Set The Right Price
The right pricing is essential to make a quick deal. Many sellers prefer to set a high price and lower it later if there is no interest. This is not the best strategy, as it may slow down the process. Many buyers and agents will be reticent to look up your property, because they will assume that you are unwilling to negotiate or you are not serious about the sale. The first 30 days of your house being on the market are the most active period. You need to make it worth by offering an attractive price. Research the market and see how other homes similar to yours sell.

Market Your Home Properly
To successfully sell your home, you need to offer it to the right target group. Think about what type of people might be interested in your property and then approach them. Listing your home with real estate agency and displaying it in all major online portals are not your only options. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are free and provide large impact.

Think Like A Buyer
If you are in the middle of relocation, you can probably put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyers. Think about the things that put you off. What do you look for in a property? These questions can give you some idea how to sell your house in the most effective way. Even if you are not currently moving house to a new place, you probably looked for a home at some point of your life. Use this experience as a guideline.

Make Your House Available
The more flexible you are bout the open house days, the more potential buyers will be able to see your home. Ensure that your house is available even during the weekends and at short notice. Leave the house when the buyers visit your home to let them move around and discuss freely the pros and cons of the estate.

De-clutter and Depersonalize
The appearance of your place can also determine how quickly you will sell the property. The homebuyers need to envision themselves living in this house. That is why you may need to remove personal items like family photos, souvenirs and kids’ artwork. Make the setting welcoming and appealing by thoroughly cleaning and de-cluttering the space.

Update Your Interior and Exterior
Another way to increase your chances for quick sale is by investing in home improvements. Repair the cracks and leaks. Swap the bright wall colours for more neutral shades. Don’t forget the exterior of your home. Your landscape will determine the visitors’ first impression. Take care of the broken fence, trim the bushes and remove any fallen branches.

Enhance Your Home’s Appearance
Home staging is not an unusual practice in the housing sector. Make your home more aesthetically pleasing by adding a vase with flowers in the living room and investing in new towel bars and trays for the bathroom. Staging can single handedly change a persons first impression of your home when they walk in.

As a realtor that offers homes staging to all of my clients, I can not stress the importance of this enough! I would love to work with you on selling your home quickly and for the best possible price! Contact me today!

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