Understanding The Essence Of The Room When Decorating

Hello everyone! I’m excited to introduce you to guest blogger, Jessica Kane, from ECOS Paints. She is posting about understanding a room when you decorate, an important piece in the design process! Enjoy!

Usually when people think about decorating a room, they think about tangibles like what color the throw pillows should be or what kind of sofa they’d like. While these items reflect the essence of a room, when decorating, it’s best to consider both the physical and non-physical elements. Most people understand the physical elements such as the furniture, paint, and the like. But the non-physical essence or the Feng Shui of a room isn’t as familiar to people. However, for a room to look and feel beautiful, it’s important to understand both. What you plan on doing in a room will dictate what kinds of physical elements and colors you choose. The following five guidelines will help you understand the principles of finding the essence of a room when decorating.


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is based upon the idea of opposites in life, according to About.com.69f90e5d86fc4eb13e5d773c11ec3deb Feng Shui is guided by the principles of Yin and the Yang, with the Yin being the feminine and the Yang being the masculine. In terms of decorating, the essence of the Yin is expressed in dark colors, while the Yang is in the light.
The feminine brings softness, mystery, and deep solitude. The masculine brings focused energy and direction. At its core, decorating should embrace this idea no matter what kind of furniture or decorative elements you choose for a room.

Is It One or the Other?

Although a room may primarily favor one over the other, meaning it becomes more masculine or feminine in nature, there should always be elements of the other in the room. For example, if a room is primarily white, add a touch of black or dark blue accents like throw rugs and pillows or a beautiful candle display. In other words, while one shade, light or dark, may take precedence, the other should still be present for balance.

Striped cushion on a white sofa. Modern furniture.

Which Room Gets What Treatment

Rooms like the bedroom or a spa-like bathroom do better with a predominance of feminine energy. Colors like deep forest greens and browns encourage relaxation and calm, and therefore, make good choices for low-energy rooms such as these. Part of the problem that people have when trying to find the essence of a room is that they make all rooms in their homes high energy or masculine. In rooms such as the den or game room, this makes total sense, but not all rooms welcome it nor require it.


Common Mistakes

It’s true enough that rooms need a balance of each of the masculine and feminine elements, some of these elements don’t belong together. For example, let’s say you’ve chosen a big-screen TV for your home. You’d like to put it in your bedroom. According to the principles of Feng Shui, this is a mistake. The object itself isn’t wrong. Rather, it’s wrong for the essence of the bedroom, which is to relax and eventually sleep. That big-screen TV is better off in your family room, surrounded by comfortable pillows and warmth. The pillows and the warmth provide the feminine element you want, but don’t fight against the essence of the room, which is activity and interaction.


It’s All About Flow

Feng Shui represents the energy flow in your room and in your life. The principle itself is guided by the idea that humans and their environment interact. Good Feng Shui brings energy and life to a room, primarily through placement of objects to encourage more open spaces. Simply put, keep walkways and doorways unobstructed and try to create as many open spaces as possible, according to The Pendulum.
Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for ECOS Paints, a leading vendor of superior, durable and eco-friendly paints.

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