A Northern Renovation


We recently closed on a beautiful 5 bed, 4 bath home in Northwoods Estates about 20 minutes north of our last renovation property. This home is located in an amazing, upscale neighborhood complete with wooded lots and a creek running through the back yard. Purchasing a run down home in a good neighborhood is the optimal place to do a renovation investment property.

Sitting empty since 2009, this house is in very rough shape! It had small leaks around the sink and shower which led to water running down the wall and causing some mold in the sheet rock. Once the sheetrock was removed using correct mold removal processes, we were able to get a good look at the extent of the water damage and to our excitement it was isolated to the sheetrock. Since there was not any rotten wood, new sheetrock was able to be installed and the project moves on! All of the demo is being done before the rebuilding process begins. Doing the work in this manner restricts dust and dirt from spreading to areas of the home that have already been completed.

In the midst of it all we were able to take a, much needed, vacation for our 5 year wedding anniversary! nkba, dan kurtz, katie kurtz, katie kurtzmn, katue kurtz rowhouse showdown, rowhouse showdown, fyi network, dan kurtz, dan kurtz mn, keller williams, mn designer, mn realtor

I will be posting new photos on the progress! Continue to follow the our newest renovation project, its moving fast and you don’t want to miss this one!


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