Renovation Infatuation

Dan and I have been renovating homes for the last 10 years and have been slowly making a name for ourselves as top renovation investors. Like all businesses, we started small. Our first project being a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom rambler with a finished sq footage of about 1000 square feet. From then on we gradually increased the size and sale price of the homes with each new project. With the increase in size and potential sale price of our investment properties, we have also increased the budgets of our renovations and therefore been able to customize and design higher end homes. Our renovation competition show, Rowhouse Showdown, showcased our talents as a team and thrusted our renovation expert status to another level. This major opportunity was a huge factor in pushing us to the next level, to become the best and to pursue our goals in the business of investment renovation homes.

The outcomes of these properties are amazing and the photos below are a great showcase of what we do. Our combined talents, Dan being a licensed plumbing contractor and me being a Realtor and Kitchen & Bath Designer, have made us the perfect partners in business and life!

Many of our friends and family tell us to “slow down”, they don’t understand the thrill of the project. What these homes were before to what they have become has slowly became an addiction for me that overpowers the knowledge of how much work it will take to renovate the home. I see the dilapidated houses and only see potential, where most people only see disgust.  The search, the purchase, the project, the design and the final outcome is amazing! Not many people are cut out for the risk of purchasing these homes. It takes skill and knowledge of the market but in the end, if you succeed, when you have created this beautiful masterpiece and sell your home for a much higher price than you purchased for, you will understand the infatuation we have with renovating homes!

Here are some of the before and afters of our great projects!

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