Week 10: Final Challenge “Re-do” Room


This one is a bit late but better late than never I always say so here it is!

On the final episode of “Rowhouse Showdown” the judges surprised us with the challenge of going in a re-creating a room of their choosing that we had already renovated, the judges chose the Master Bedroom for Dan and I to “re-do”.

When I originally custom ordered the wallpaper, the intent was for the color to be a subdued “gold”. Seen that it had been done in a bright yellow I had been wanting a re-do on this room since the beginning!  A master suite should be a place to relax. Colors should be calming and muted so this time around I made sure to use subdued hues and opted for blues and golds. It was merely a facelift as there were no major projects done the 2nd time around. We removed the yellow wallpaper and painted a neutral beige on all walls. I purchased new bedding, nightstands, lamps, decorative stools and accent decor. To save money I re-used the dresser by giving it a fresh coat of white paint. The original wood wall mirror was also able to be re-finished with a coat of blue/gray to accent the rest of the room. Dan finished off the room with white crown molding that brought the space up a notch in style.

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