Week 6: Bonus Room

Week 6 of Rowhouse Showdown on the FYI Network was the “Bonus Room” challenge. We were given the opportunity to create any kind of room we wanted. Since this was a competition based on improving the value of the home, we wanted to create a functional space, not just something completely crazy! Crazy doesn’t sell homes. In the Midwest, bonus rooms are most often made to function as tv and game rooms. That was the direction we chose to go with this challenge. I am not a huge fan of televisions being the center of attention in a room so I needed to make sure that the design took center stage! “Modern Glamour” would be the ticket to our win in this weeks challenge!

Our room was, once again, very small. Both sides of the ceiling were sloped, confining the space even more but adding a lot of character. I chose to paint the wall and ceiling the same color since it was such a small space. Painting the small section that was ceiling white, would have created a “landing strip” down the center of the room.

The end of the room had a wall full of beautiful windows that let in tons of light and drama. I framed them with dramatic floor-length draperies with a slight sheen, adding an element of glamour.

The color scheme was neutral; white furnishings, beige walls and then adding in pops of fuchsia & chrome. It was important to have storage for games, books, dvds, flat screen….so we created modern, floating shelves to house all of these items. The floating shelves blended well with the modern design style and were not too large that they overtook the room.

The last major design aspect I created in this room were 2 chandeliers that were hung over the end tables to function as lamps on either side of the sofa. This gave the room added glamour and another aspect of creativity, definitely my favorite pieces in the room! This can be done as bedside lamps on either side of a bed, in a sitting area, etc….be creative!

Check out the pictures below and also watch the sneak peak if you haven’t been able to see last weeks episode yet!



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