Week 5: Kitchen Challenge

Week 5 of Rowhouse Showdown aired last night on the FYI Network. If you watched there was a lot of drama and unexpected twists!

In our kitchen, we ran into 2 major issues; the chimney stack and removing the wall that was confining the small kitchen. While tearing out the wall separating the old kitchen and dining room we found that there was an old chimney stack from a fireplace that had been walled off. The chimney ran from the basement to the roof and needed to be removed in order to expand the kitchen, major project and set back! Piece by piece the chimney stack was removed. Once that was done we were able to put a header in place where the old wall used to be. Headers are needed when a wall is removed that was functioning as a load bearing wall, which is a wall that is holding up the floors above. Without a header the floor above would cave in!

After the demo and re-building was complete, dark wood floors were installed, walls were painted and had custom cabinetry and countertops were installed. Dan, as always, did the tile work and an amazing job he did! The kitchen had an open concept that is great for entertaining and family get togethers…a big plus for re-sale in a home. Adorned with carrara marble tile, sleek white countertops, glass door cabinetry and an apron sink to name a few…this kitchen was spectacular. Mixing glitzy cabinet pulls and chrome pendants with traditional white cabinetry brought in elements of glamour to the space.

Check it out, we loooove this kitchen!

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