Week 4: 2nd Bathroom Challenge

Week 4 of the competition has already come and gone, it is moving so fast!

In this challenge, we had to renovate a 2nd bathroom in the home. Since our home would be marketed to families in the neighborhood we wanted to make sure that this space was geared towards the future kids in this home! The challenges with this room was that it was such a small space and there was not any room for expansion into other unused rooms. Bathroom storage is of utmost importance and with a bathroom of this size, we needed to get creative. We moved the door to the bathroom into the existing hallway to create an additional alcove space for shelving and an area where the door could open without bumping into the space near the sink. More storage was, also, placed above the toilet. Both shelving units were created as built-ins so they did not impede on the already small bathroom. To create interest in the built-ins, beadboard was placed as the backing and was painted a contrasting color from the wall but a color that coordinated with the burlap shower curtains. I placed small fixtures, lighting and a custom vanity to make the space feel as large as possible! The tall, skinny mirror above the sink moved your eye up and allowed for the 2 small sconces to be placed on either side.

The wallpaper was a bit of a risk due to the fact that it was a bright, coral color. Generally, I do not recommend doing such bright colors in renovation properties because you want the colors to appeal to many people for re-sale BUT this was a children’s bathroom and it was for a television show so why not have some fun?! A more neutral option would have been to get the wallpaper in a light gray pattern, that way you still get the interest of the pattern but not as much of a contrast between the white backing and the bright coral print. I choose a large, plain colored tile for the shower, a small pattern would have created too much “busyness” in the space with the already busy wallpaper. The final judging was 2nd place, not bad but not what we wanted! On to next weeks challenge!

Tune in this Wednesday for the kitchen challenge, there is a major twist in the competition that you won’t see coming!


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