Week 2: Master Suite Challenge!

Last weeks episode on Rowhouse Showdown was the master suite challenge.

We had an extra $1000.00 this week because we took 1st place in last weeks episode. With the extra $1000.00 we decided to hire a tile guy to save us some time. They tried to work too fast by having two guys start at opposite ends of the room, once they met in the middle they realized that the tile did not fit in the space that was left. Rather than fixing it they left! Dan had to pull out his tiling skills and save the day! Always start at one end of a room when tiling, this will allow you to put the cut pieces against the wall rather than in the center of the room.

The second obstacle for the week was the wallpaper. Oh my, the wallpaper. Aside from the color being too yellow (I asked for a muted gold/beige) I am normally fairly good at doing wallpaper but the kind that I ordered on the show was basically like peeling a sticker off of a paper backing. Once you peeled it off and stuck it to the wall, there was no moving it! Unlike the wallpaper that I am accustomed to where you get the backing wet to activate the adhesive and then it allows you to move it on the wall to make sure it is positioned correctly, this stuff stuck immediately and that is where is stayed! We did a pretty good job being that the time was so tight and we were learning a new product!

We were able to do some cool things with reclaimed wood, not only was it reclaimed but it came from the house itself! We were able to use the old boards from the walls we removed in the bedroom and constructed the make-up vanity and shelving on the wall. The raw, rough feel of the reclaimed wood off-set the glitzy chrome fixtures and lighting. Mixing materials is a great way to bring excitement and interest to a room!

We ran into a ton of obstacles but the end result was awesome! If you missed the episode on tv, click this link to view the whole episode on fyi.tv! Enjoy!

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