Architecture Around the World

Thailand, Mai Hong Son, katie kurtz

I have admittedly been stung by the “travel bug”. Any chance I get I travel. Whether its near or far, I love the feeling of being somewhere new and especially exotic. I wanted to showcase some of the amazing and interesting architecture I was able to see when I was in Thailand in 2006. There, some people lived very lavishly and some very, very simply. My favorite picture is, above, of an old man sitting cross-legged on his front porch. He seemed so content despite his very simple home and way of life.

camera pics 161 - Version 2

Traditional sky lanterns being released for good luck. Chiang Mai has one of the largest festivals of sky lanterns released at once. When released in large groups they resemble flocks of giant fluorescent jellyfish. They are symbolic of problems and worries floating away!

thai siding, katie kurtz designer

Looking back at these pictures, it is a good reminder that, while I LOVE design and beautiful homes, it is important to soak in your surroundings because if you do not “look” you may miss the beauty that is around you! I found more enjoyment in experiencing the simple way of life in Thailand than I can ever begin to explain.

The colors, textures, shapes, tastes, sights and smells are out of this world. I will be lucky to have the chance to go back some day. Enjoy this little piece of my travels as I have loved every second of the adventures I have taken over the years!


Small hut along the river in the hills of Chiang Mai. Idyllic...

Small hut along the river in the hills of Chiang Mai. Idyllic…

camera pics 235 camera pics 324

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