Shoreview Fireplace Finale

The Shoreview fireplace addition is finally completed!
IMG_1544My previous post “Shoreview Gas Fireplace Install” shows the step by step photos of how the fireplace went from an open wall to the finished product. We had the side cabinets made by Jamie Molitor,, which you can see in the previous post. To finish off the fireplace, all of the pieces needed to be tied together. The cabinets were put into place and Dan went on to install the rest of the trim work to complete the mantel, fireplace face and the large top piece. He achieved the look by layering different types of trim pieces such as crown molding and chair rail.  A “lantern” pattern tile was used for the face of the fireplace and gray grout was placed. A lot of white tones were used in this room and a good rule of thumb when using neutrals, is to be sure to add texture and pattern. This helps to bring interest to a room that does not have tons of color. 

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