Staging Tips and Tactics

Staging can be a huge factor in how quickly your home sells. It allows people to imagine how their furniture may fit in the space and can also make a small room seem more functional. A good rule of thumb when planning to sell your home is to start packing before you list it. This will help to make closets more organized, helps to minimize clutter and makes it easier for you to maintain a clean and show ready house! I always recommend replacing personal photos with generic photos such as buildings, landscapes…….. You can print off black and white photos from your home computer and place them in your present frames, when you move to your new home just take out the printed photos and you have your original photos back to personalize your new home! An easy change that allows you to keep your present decor on your shelves and walls.

It is important to make the master bedroom stand out. New pillows, comforter and a freshly made bed can bring new life to a room. This is an inexpensive way to update the master bedroom and bring some grandeur to the space! Many local department stores have displays in their bedding departments for ideas on how and what to buy to make your bedding spectacular! The photos above show a complete transformation of a room with only new bedding, curtains and a stool placed at the end of the bed. The lighting fixtures, furniture and paint were not changed!

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